//Abandoned horses in Catia
Abandoned horses in need of care

Abandoned horses in Catia

Horses are wonderful animals of God’s creation and human beings have a responsibility to care for and respect animals. However, we can see that the lack of responsibility of humans has negative consequences. In this sense we observe the abandoned horses in Catia – Caracas. This situation occurs in the capital of Venezuela.

Without a doubt when we talk about animals in street situation we come to mind dogs and cats. But we can’t imagine that horses can get through such a situation.

That is why in recent days through social networks have made viral the situation of abandoned horses in Catia. This is how different foundations call on the general population to find a place where these animals can be protected and cared for.

The situation becomes a bit complex as the horses are large animals. Therefore, to adopt them people must have an adequate space for it.

While hope is the last thing that is lost, there will be good-hearted people who want to give abandoned horses a second chance in Catia.

Abandoned horses in Catia
Abandoned horses in Catia

About three years have the horses abandoned in Catia

Approximately three years have the horses abandoned in Catia. This means that they feed on the first thing they find. They are also in deplorable conditions without adequate feeding, let alone the vaccines and grooming that these beautiful animals warrant.

All this time the four horses pass through the catia area, west of the capital of Venezuela. Unfortunately these animals eat from the trash and drink contaminated water. Undoubtedly these conditions can bring serious health problems to abandoned horses in Catia.

In addition, they risk being run over, people are unaware and mistreat these equines.

Needless to say, no one becomes aware of the situation of these abandoned horses in Catia.

Ideally, responsible people should take care of these animals and give them a dignified life.


Request for help for horses

Various foundations have been activated and through their social networks have called for help abandoned horses in Catia. These actions are coordinated by people from different foundations and organizations working hard to rescue and adopt animals in street conditions.

In total there are four equines that are abandoned. These are: Two horses with brown fur, another white and a foal.

The four horses roam day and night in search of food and refuge in the west of the city of Caracas.

The information that is handled is that they do not have an owner and have been in this area for a while.

They are not known as an owner or are in the countryside. For three years the equines have lived in the Catia area. They usually always stay together, and feed on weeds or debris they find in the trash.

The area where these animals are located specifically are Las Lomas de Catia. However, by quarantine time it is likely that you have traveled in search of food.

The presence of these animals in this area generates different opinions in the community.

Abandoned horses in Caracas
Abandoned horses in Caracas

Dangers to which abandoned horses are exposed in Catia

Horses in case they tend to be scary this does not favor the situation in which they are. Indeed, if they are frightened by the noise of the cars they probably want to flee and this can make them victims of a landslide.

When it rains these animals are helpless and have nowhere to protect themselves. The situation of these horses must definitely be resolved soon.

Their behavior is docile, without a doubt these beautiful animals deserve a second chance.

Apparently no one seems to care about the situation of abandoned horses in Catia. Well, the physical conditions let you see, everyone gets their ribs and they’re dehydrated.

To satisfy hunger, they spend their time looking in the garbage bags. They therefore eat plastic, paper, weeds and other waste. This leaves aftermath in their health. In addition to this they drink contaminated water, which makes the situation worse.

As if that were not enough these horses are mistreated by some people in the area. This makes them fearful, and they’re full of ticks. So this further weakens your health.

Definitely the solution should be too soon for abandoned horses in Catia.

The population residing in the area call for this case of abandonment of the four horses. As a result, there is currently a movement in favour of these animals being sought a temporary home.

Abandoned horses in Catia eating from the trash
Abandoned horses in Catia eating from the trash

Solution to animals in street situations

The solution is in everyone’s hands because there are various ways to contribute to foundations and independent people who rescue animals.

For this you can donate food, medicines, cleaning items, money.

In cases more willing they may provide temporary home or adopt.

In addition, on social networks you can help to spread the cases. As we can see there are many ways to contribute a grain of sand for the cause of animals in street and abandonment situation.

Without a doubt, the inhabitants of this sector can organize and provide even a container with clean water for these animals.

The will and willingness of people are key to providing help in these cases of abandonment.

Abandoned horses in need of care
Abandoned horses in need of care

The degree of development of a civilization is measured by the treatment it gives to its animals – Gandhi

In Venezuela, laws should be created to punish the abandonment of animals. In addition, animals must be taught to respect and love animals as God’s creation.

This must be strengthened in educational institutions, as children must at least learn to respect animals.

This is taken as reflection as it is not only the abandoned horses in Catia. For in Venezuela there are millions of dogs and cats in street situations.

We hope that soon these animals will have the home they deserve and of course we will announce it here…