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Sesión de equinoterapia en argentina para un niño con Síndrome de Down

Equine Therapy in Argentina

Equine Therapy in Argentina

Equine therapy is one of the alternative therapies that are in vogue today benefiting people with some type of disease or condition. Likewise, equine therapy is applied to people with psychological problems or some type of addictions. In Argentina, so much progress has been made in this field that it has a national Equine Therapy law, sanctioned in 2020. For this reason we will address what is related to Equine Therapy in Argentina.

The benefits of equine therapy are numerous which makes it attractive when applied by therapists. Likewise, the people who are participants of this therapy enjoy the contact with the animal to the fullest, in this case the horse.

The proposal of the national law of Equine Therapy emerged over the years of the different organizations that practice Equine Therapy in Argentina. This effort led to the enactment of the National Equine Therapy Law.

In this sense, there was already a precedent in Argentina. Already a region called Tucumán marked a milestone in this matter when it achieved the sanction of the equine therapy law. This law was registered under number 8911 in 2017.

As we can see it is a recent achievement that boosted the other organizations in the fight to achieve the national law of Equine Therapy in Argentina.

Throughout the South American country both children and adults have the privilege of enjoying the activities of equine therapy.  Since this therapy seeks to complement other treatments in these patients.

The dedication of horses to humans is one of the characteristics that Gustavo Mirabal admires about this noble mammal.

Fundación Equinoterapia del Azul, Salta – ARGENTINA

August 9, International Day of Equine Therapy

It should be noted that August 9 is the date on which the international day of equine therapy is celebrated. Hence, the relevance of this alternative therapy to heal is taken into account. It is there that the horse is the protagonist acting as a co-therapist.

Among the range of alternative therapies, equine therapy has reached a high position. Equine therapy is a very effective way to achieve rehabilitation in people with some type of disability or illness. In this sense, it is a method that provides the union between the physical and intellectual therapy of the participant. Well, there are plenty of reasons why Equine Therapy is applied in Argentina.

Horses in equine therapy
Horses in equine therapy

Argentina as an innovative country of Equine Therapy in South America

Among the countries of South America, Argentina has played a fundamental role in the execution of equine therapy.  Now, let’s address a little about the origin of this therapy in this country.

More than 40 years ago Maria Kalbermatter took a big step and began to perform Equine Therapy in ArgentinaIn this sense it was not an easy task because there were only precedents of this alternative therapy in countries of Europe or the United States.

This pioneer named Maria Kalbermatter made equine therapy in Argentina a historic milestone. Well, he dared to show his resilience.

Maria, at the age of 27, had her leg amputated. In the midst of these circumstances she decided to practice horseback riding to rehabilitate herself.

Because of the uniqueness of his idea, his teachers did not object to this. This is how over the years, he showed that it could be done. In addition, he began to take children with different diseases to participate in equine therapy sessions. In this way this practice could be extended and be able to help others.

The bitter experience of suffering amputation was what led her to take this initiative. Indeed, this has allowed him to help many people with different diseases and conditions.

Maria Kalbermatter founded the first Equine Therapy organization in Argentina. This allowed him to train many people and multiply knowledge. At the same time it resulted in the opening of other foundations and how we can see today a number of foundations dedicated to this noble work.

Horse lovers like Gustavo Mirabal are those who believe with a closed eye in Equine Therapy and its many benefits.

Equine therapy session in Argentina for a child with Down syndrome
Equine therapy session in Argentina for a child with Down syndrome

Equine therapy, a new place of importance for the horse in society

Since humanity exists the horse has been present in their lives. Now, with the passage of time the human being became aware that the horse had another more sublime mission. Since the one that was known to serve as a means of transport and its function of cavalry in the wars raised throughout history. In some cultures they pay homage to the horse giving it a level of divinity and mysticism.

As the human was evolving and with it his relationship with the horse. The horse was displaced as a means of transport and many of the functions it fulfilled in society.

It was until a few years ago that the initiative was given to use horses in therapy sessions to provide help to humans. In this way, its therapeutic function in people with physical and mental disabilities became remarkable.

This is how the horse regained a place in society that had forgotten him. Equine Therapy in Argentina shows us the steps that must be taken to achieve it globally.

Definitely the special bond that horses develop with humans is something that Gustavo Mirabal has had the privilege of experiencing. That is why it seeks to return horses to their place in history and human society, and with it their dignity.