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Gypsy Vanner

Gypsy Vanner Horse Breed

Gypsy Vanner Horse Breed

The horse is one of the largest mammals on the planet earth. As for its characteristics dazzles with its elegance. Now, of this species there are many breeds of horses, where they are differentiated by their physical characteristics, size, color, coat among others. For this reason in this issue we will talk about the Gypsy Vanner horses.

The Gypsy Vanner horse has other names such as Cob, Gypsy Maize, Gypsy Horse, Gypsy Vanner, Irish Cob.

The Gypsy Vanner Horse - Trailer

Origin of the breed

The Gypsy Vanner horse is a breed of domestic horse from the island of Ireland. It is a small horse, solidly built, of conformation of cob and, often, but not always, it is discolored. It is particularly associated with the Irish traveler and Roma peoples traveling from Great Britain and Ireland. There was no book or breed association studies for horses of this type until 1996. It is now considered a race and you can register with several breed associations.

From about 1850, people traveling in the British Isles began to use a different type of horse for sacarsus vardos, the caravans in which they had just begun to live and travel. The color and appearance of the breed were refined in the years after the Second World War. Horses of this type were exported for the first time to the United States in 1996.

The Gipsy Vanner was imported from the United States approximately in 1966. In spite of them, it was not until 2004 when it was considered a breed and registered in the All Breed Program of the Doma Federation. It is a horse whose most common use is dressage, general equestrian and work.

Characteristics of the Horse Race Gipsy Vanner

Gypsy Vanner Horse Breed
Gypsy Vanner Horse Breed
  • It is a horse of strong appearance and safe passage wherever it goes. Thanks to its low temperament and versatility, it has been able to be bred for many purposes in the extension of all of Europe.
  • It can reach 1.63 meters in height, there have even been cases of 1.65 meters. However, its weight amounts to about 630-635 kg, depending on the type of food and activities carried out.
  • Its coat is recognized by the great beauty that it shows in black and white colors, being one of the most wonderful specimens in the world.
  • It has a broad chest and rounded hindquarters together with a seemingly short back.
    Their hooves at first sight stand out for their greatness and fur that surrounds them. His neck is of strong appearance and on it his fine head is held.
  • The mane and tail are quite long and fluid, also has straight and silky hair. He has strong-looking shoulders and heavy hips.

Conduct of the Gipsy Vanner

The Gypsy Horse TV Series- Season ONE

With regard to temperament, it is one of the races with more intelligence among all equines, friendly, very athletic, strong and above all, it is a docile horse, very social and easily to establish a friendship.

In short, the Gypsy Vanner horse breed is among the most valued and beautiful. A strong and elegant horse that adapts to any equestrian discipline and also to the moments greater formality.





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