//Prosthetics for horses
Prosthetics for horses

Prosthetics for horses

Animals like humans are at risk of accidents. As a result of suffering a fracture and even worse an amputation. However, the options today are solutions with prosthetics for horses.

On many occasions the owners of horses choose to sleep the animals forever, in this case we are talking about euthanasia. However, the ideal option to preserve the life of the horse is the implantation of prosthetics for horses.

Today much progress has been made in the field of technology. This is thanks to the efforts of researchers and inventors looking for ways to help animals that have undergone a member’s amputation.

this not only applies to horses, as dog, cats are also candidates for a prosthesis.

That’s why we talk about the motto “No to euthanasia for disability”. Well, there’s a way to solve this problem.

Mini Horse Gets Lifesaving Prosthetic Leg

Prosthetics for horses a solution to amputation in horses

The amputation process in horses has its causes in hoof infections or fracture of one of the animal’s limbs. This is practically making the decision to apply euthanasia to the horse.

A horse that has been amputated is a serious problem because the animal loses mobility has its negative effects. The horse in itself loves to be outdoors, play, share with the herd and when this is not possible the safest is that the animal becomes depressed and its health is greatly harmed.

That’s where the relevance of these prosthetics for horses. The ingenuity and creativity of some people favor problem solving. As an example we can mention Ted Valhos.

This great man has managed to save the lives of several horses. Well, this one is responsible for making prosthetics for horses.

These Prosthetics for horses adapt to the animal providing a second chance to live on the equine. Likewise, the quality of life is taken into account, since the horse adapted and can be moved easily.

Prosthetics for horses - A seccond chance
Prosthetics for horses – A seccond chance

How Prosthetics for horses work

Prosthetics for horses play an important role in prolonging the life of the equine. To do this it is important that we see how this vital piece works.

This is usually different from a human prosthesis, considering that the horse’s anatomy is different.

In the horse the extension will first remain fixed by some nails to the bone.

The purpose of this is that the animal can support all its weight on this leg without affecting the stump. For the duration of the animal’s healing process it will last approximately one month.

After this time it is removed and placed directly on the stump, which must already be scarred.

Therefore the Prosthetics for horses are fixed there. Ideally, the specialist veterinarian will examine you from time to time to validate that everything is going well. For the welfare of the horse must be the priority of the owner and his caretaker.

Plastic prosthetics for horses
Plastic prosthetics for horses

Horse life after amputation

Although horses can’t speak, through their body language they often express their behavior.  Therefore, the quality of life for a horse with prosthetics should be the priority of its owner.

After the creation of horse prostheses, the experiences of these have been diverse. In this sense several horses have tried to live with prosthetics and have assimilated them as part of their body.

Therefore the results have been positive, as the animal can be mobilized.

On the other hand, there are still no known cases in which the horse rejects the prosthesis or some strange behavior is observed.

It should be noted that horses that have prosthetics should not be used for equestrian sports. It should also be respected, so you should never reassemble it again. Ideally, you should be guaranteed a full life and well-being.

Horse owners should analyze the situation very well if they give the animal a second chance with a prosthesis.

Or else it will be necessary to apply euthanasia ending the life of the horse without pain.

This is a very personal decision but first the owner should see the options on the table and make the best decision.


Derrick Campana experience in creating prosthetics

This ingenious and creative man has been given the task of performing prosthetics not only for horses but for elephants as well. This is a work of solidarity and altruism worth admiring

The beneficiary of specialist Derrick Campana’s masterpiece is a horse named Angel Marie. This horse had such serious injuries to his forelegs that they prevented him from walking.

Therefore the expert Derrick Bell created the prosthetics for the animal. These horse prostheses are made of plastics used in medicine and whose duration is long.

The great man Derrick Campana works at an animal orthopedic center in Sterling – UNITED States.

This man has also excelled at creating prosthetics for other mammals. That’s why he created prosthetics for an elephant that lost its paws because of a mine.

Undoubtedly this good-hearted man puts at the service of animals the prosthetics that he makes.

Here’s a video of Derrick Campana recounting his experience:

Mini Horse Overcomes the Odds With Help From Plastic Prosthesis


Prosthetics for horses that make us more human.

Thanks to advances in science and technology, animals benefit from this evolution.

Well, the creation of horse prostheses represents a second chance for the animal.

Horses are animals that are loyal to their masters. For this reason this animal should receive the same loyalty and love from its human.

If you own a horse and at some point you must amputate a member of the animal think again. Maybe you should give it a second chance and to achieve it there are prosthetics for horses.

In this way you can enjoy your horse a good time…






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