//Secretariat turns 50 years old and its legacy lives on
Secretariat la peícula

Secretariat turns 50 years old and its legacy lives on

Like every March 30, the world of equestrianism celebrates the birth of one of the best horses in the United States, Secretariat. Today Secretariat turns 50 years old and its legend continue…

This specimen is the ninth to win the Triple Crown of that country, in 1973.

Secretariat ended a 25-year drought, since since 1948, when Citation accomplished such a feat, under the leadership of jockey Eddie Arcaro, no horse had won this contest.

And is that to target the name in that select list, where only 13 horses are scored, you must win three races: the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes.

The horse that wins all three races is a crowned triple and can enter that select list, which very few have reached since 1919.

Sir Barton was the first horse to triple. The specimen was led by the American John Loftus.

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Secretariat turned 50 years old

When speaking of Secretariat, reference is made to the horse that went from simple life on a ranch to greatness on racetracks.

Horse owner Penny Chenery always knew there was something special about that chestnut. His intuition led him to reap great successes.

She even won the rights to the horse in a bet she made with an acquaintance of her father, who owned the Meadow Farm ranch and was going through a tough economic time.

She takes over the business and stays with the mare who would give birth to Secretariat. Since the acquaintance of his father did not trust a son of Bold Ruler (father of Secretariat) to direct the business they decided to divide him.

The father’s partner left the Something royal mare to Penny and kept the other, which he considered better and even, he kept the young that was on the way.

Secretariat turns 50 years old
Secretariat turns 50 years old

March 30, 1970 – Secretariat turns 50 years old

The foal is born on March 30, 1970, Penny was there during the birth of the mare.

Thereafter he spent time raising and training him for racing, like all thoroughbreds.

However, the horse did not seem to have an interest in running, he was sleeping, eating and spinning forced not to gain weight.

Since the horse didn’t seem to want to compete, Penny goes out looking for a retired trainer that they recommended.

Lucien Laurin was one of the best coaches at the time, but he felt it was time for retirement. Lucien dreamed of having a calmer old age, however destiny awaited his greatest successes.

Chenery finds his whereabouts and offers to train his horse. At first Laurin refused, but over time he agrees to become a coach again.

Lucien Laurin’s return was definitely marked by fate …


It wasn’t easy waking up the Great Red

Bold Ruler’s son did not want to look like his father, a great runner, so his father’s acquaintance believed that he had won the bet and he had the best horse.

However, after Laurin’s training, the equine begins to show little signs of change.

Since basically what he did was eat and sleep.


It wasn’t easy waking up the Great Red

Bold Ruler’s daughter did not want to look like her father, a great runner, so her father’s acquaintance believed that he had won the bet and he had the best horse.

However, after Laurin’s training, the equine begins to show little signs of change.

Since before training basically what I did was eat and sleep. In this way Secretariat begins to change behavior starting to show its true face.


Secretariat’s first run

In order to develop the horse’s potential, its owner enrolls it in its first race, on July 4, 1972, at the Aqueduct Racecourse.

He finishes in fourth place and that was the trigger for the horse to fight for the victory from then on.

For 1972 he won 7 of the 9 races in which he was enrolled. Given his speed and endurance, his fame begins to spread and its owner decides to call it the Secretariat.

While fans cheer for it: The Great Red.

After this performance they nominate him as Horse of the Year.

Season 1973 – Memories when Secretariat turns 50 years

The Great Red had awakened and within him that sprinter DNA was active.

So the following year, 1973, he ran three races before starting the Triple Crown, he won at Bay Shore and at the Gotham Stakes.

To these victories are added third place in the Wood Memorial Stakes.

This third place is due to the fact that the horse had an access in the mouth and the pain did not allow him to give up enough to sign up for victory.

Secretariat - The Movie
Secretariat – The Movie

Secretariat is registered for the Triple Crown

The most important equestrian event in the United States is the Triple Crown.

It is a contest in which the best horses and riders compete. Whoever wins goes down in history as one of the greats of his country in this sport.

Penny Chenery knew that her horse had all the qualities to be the winner.

He faced the men who believed they owned the horse riding and endured their teasing with dignity, without losing their cool.

Meanwhile, Secretariat remained active in training.

What no one expected happened.

The specimen of the only woman in equestrian racing, at that time, was about to be a champion of champions.


Kentucky Derby

Derby day arrives and Penny’s horse comes out in full force to beat her rival at the Wood Memorial Stakes.

The equine wins by two and a half lengths to Sham and by a greater distance to Angle Light, who had beaten him at the Memorial.

Secretariat’s time on the track was 1:59 2/5, something never recorded before, making it a record in that race.

Preakness Stakes

After the second race came, people were amazed at how far the horse had come from Virgina.

Posters, banners, flyers, with the name of The Great Red, which today turns 50 years old, were everywhere.

The fame of this specimen was known throughout the country. The competition got tougher, but still, Penny remained calm and focused.

During this race, Secretariat left a time of 1:53. Time that was also a track record.

Belmont Stakes

The third and final race of the Triple Crown is the Belmont Stakes.

Race in which many thought that Secretariat could not, since some still doubted that a son of Bold Ruler had speed and endurance.

This race is perhaps the most difficult because it is the longest, 2,400 meters.

However, this was not a problem for the Great Red, since he won overwhelmingly, that is, he won by 31 lengths, in a time of 2:24.

Mark that also became a track record and to date remains.

Secretariat turns 50 years old today, March 30, 2020, and remains one of the most beloved horses by fans of American equestrianism.

(Video) Secretariat Belmont Stakes 1973

Secretariat turns 50 years old and its legacy lives on

This specimen is the obligatory reference for every rider and horse that aspires to win the Triple Crown. Fair that it is not easy but that it is possible to obtain.

Secretariat made history and established himself as an exemplary horse, worthy of respect and admiration.

Also, its owner Penny Chenery, went down in history as the first woman in the world of horse racing.

Which set a precedent and gave way to women also entering a world dominated by men, demonstrating that they can be good at managing stables and even training horses.

Lucien Laurin with Secretariat - Secretariat turns 50
Lucien Laurin with Secretariat – Secretariat turns 50

Racing after the Triple Crown

After his spectacular victory at Belmont Stakes, Secretariat ran in nine more races, of which he won six.

At the end of 1973, he was removed to become a stallion and became the father of 57 winning horses.

Unfortunately, the days of this horse did not end with a calm and healthy life. Laminitis affected their hooves and they had to sacrifice it on October 4, 1989.

His body was buried at Claiborne Farm, in Paris (Kentucky).

Secretariat turns 50 years old: a strong heart

After performing the autopsy, the doctor said that this horse had a large heart, twice the size of a specimen of its type, so it was a special horse and there was the reason for its strength and endurance.

Secretariat turns 50 years old today, and it’s worth remembering that he won 16 of the 21 races he raced.

Impeccable career that led him to be voted number 35 of the best American athletes of the century.

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