//Skijoring a singular sport

Skijoring a singular sport

Equestrian sports there are many. However, when we go through a little more, we find that there are sports unknown to most. That’s how unique skijoring is. Today throughout this article you will discover skijoring, a winter equestrian sport.

Skijoring is the art of skiing while being driven by a rope at a speed accelerated by a horse or dog. We can see that only these animals participate in this rare sport.

Really this sport is singular and little known. Another interesting aspect of this sport is that people who have the privilege of practicing it usually live in areas where there are snowfall seasons.

The name of the sport comes from the Norwegian word “skikjøring”, which means “ski driving”.

This is another of the many ways in which the horse has contributed to the work and recreation of humans in various parts of the world.

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Skijoring or ski thrown concept

Skijöring or “pulled sk”i comes from the Norwegian skikjøring, which means “managed ski” or “ski driving”.

It is a winter sport that involves a person on skis being dragged by a horse, dog, or motor vehicle.

This sport is carried out in areas where there is abundant snow. It should be noted that the animals most used to carry out this activity are the canines.

These animals must be motivated before the activity. This in order that they respond to their owner during the race. Well, they must follow the direction indicated by their master.

Cross-country skiing was a demonstration sport at the Saint-Moritz 1928 Olympics. This time the draft animal was a horse.

We can see that dogs and horses are used to practice this unique sport called skijoring.


Skijoring origins

This unique sport dates from 1850, so it has a history of a little more than a century and a half. The place where it started was in Scandinavia

Later, at the end of the 19th century in the United States, it was brought to the United States by European immigrants.

At the time this was a method that served for activities such as:

  • They became a way for hunters to check the trap lines.
  • Miners to go between the reclamation sites
  • Finally, postmen used it outside the country to speed up their routes.

Today, Skijoring is a leisure activity in areas where this unique sport has been practiced.

Skijoring a unique sport
Skijoring a unique sport

Skijoring with horses

  • When you ski with horses, forward propulsion comes exclusively from the horse.
  • Sportsman should be in good shape, as this practice requires a lot of energy.
  • Those who have never been on skis may want to practice this sport entirely.
  • They will be adept at navigating the sharp turns of a rope that swings on horseback.
  • Wakeboarders and water skiers will also have the strength and balance to stay upright.


Places where you can do the unique sport skijoring

The places where you can enjoy this unique sport called skijoring is in Europe and the United States. The reason is very simple, because these countries has many places where there are snowy seasons.

This is a sport that can incentivize equestrian tourism in these places.

Horseback riding has excellent tourist spots for your practice. The following sites that provide the service:

  • Montana’s Resort at Paws Up offers one hour sessions for $ 200 per person in a prepared course.
  • Also in Montana, Triple Creek Ranch provides ski slopes for resort guests of all skill levels. This has the advantage that it has equipment included.
  • In the French Alps, Rancho El Colorado offers ski training with pricing options ranging from $ 33 to $ 175.

In the case of the three sites mentioned above they supply the horses.

Another element to highlight is that there are competitions in this sports discipline, both are held in February.

Among them are:

  • Skijoring Utah
  • Jackson Hole Skijoring Races

To participate in these competitions you must have the necessary physical conditions.

An equestrian winter sport
An equestrian winter sport

Recommendations for newbies

  • Skijoring people should feel comfortable squatting for two or three minutes, which is what lasts for each track.
  • For this you must have practiced previously. Well this will allow you to assess your ability.
  • Also, you will want to pay attention to your “work with the rope”. Rope must remain taut.
  • String tension is mandatory, Even if there is great distance between the horse and the skijorer. In opposite case, it can have unpleasant consequences.
Skijoring with dogs
Skijoring with dogs

Skijoring, a winter equestrian sport

The unique Skijoring sport is performed in areas where there is snow. This can be done with horses or dogs.

Ideally you can start with the dogs and, as their technique improves, then you can try with the horses.

Preventive measures must be assumed independently. All this to take care of the integrity of the athlete and the animals that participate.

Skijoring is one of the equestrian sports that Gustavo Mirabal has to experience, as a horse lover.




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