//The Authentic Percherón Horse

The Authentic Percherón Horse

The Authentic Percherón Horse

The horse is one of the largest mammals on the planet, whose elegance is remarkable. Now within the multiple breeds of horses that exist is the Percherón Horse whose beauty is unique …

The Percherón horse is one of the horse races considered among the most beautiful on the planet.

It is also well known for its attributes that make it stand out from other species because it is agile, vigorous, and with great widths.

History of the Authentic Percheron Horse

Although the Percherón Horse is originally from a French zone Le Perche, this horse really has its Arab blood. So the Arabian horses left their mark on this new breed.

This horse caught the attention of many people because of its power and loyalty, as well as its beauty and style.

In the seventeenth century horses raised in Le Perche became very popular.

The Authentic 19th Century Percheron stood out since they used it to pull heavy mail cars in France.

By 1823, a horse named Jean le blanc was crossed with a mare in Le Perche. Indeed, from there comes the family tree of the percheron breed.

Subsequently, it was exported to American lands. So they became the favorite horses of American ranchers.

This boosted the business with the horses of this breed since thousands of specimens were sold in the nineteenth century and until the Second World War.

After the innovation of technology and with the arrival of tractors, this breed of horses was left aside in agricultural work. However, some ranchers preserved this authentic and beautiful breed of Percheron Horse.

By the 60s these animals were reinserted in agricultural work

From there they discovered other uses for that beautiful horse. They are used for recreation, sledding and parades. They also have the necessary attributes for equestrian competitions.

Percherón- Caballos de Tiro Pesado - TvAgro por Juan Gonzalo Angel


Characteristics of the Authentic Percherón Horse

Among the attributes that you usually have the Percherón horse breed are the following:

  • In relation to the mares they can reach between 1.50 and 1.52 meters of cross and the males can reach a measure of 1.70 meters.
  • The Percherón horse breed has short legs
  • One of the attributes that most attract people’s attention is that they are very strong.
  • It has strong and hard hooves with which it is able to travel great distances of up to 60 kilometers
  • Its head is very elongated, elegant and distinguished.
  • It widens between the eyes and has small, mobile ears which lean a little forward.
  • The tail is usually very abundant and long like the mane.
  • The neck is short and slightly curved,
  • It is a horse that has great muscles, large and strong.
  • As for the color of its coat, it has degradations between black and gray. However, the most frequent are: awnings gray and jet black.
  • The breed of Percheron Horse usually weighs between 500 and 800 kilograms of small specimens. However, large specimens the weight varies between 700 to 1200 kilograms.
  • The life expectancy of the Percherón Horse breed is 25 to 27 years.

Use of the Percherón Horse breed

These horses are usually used in various activities of everyday life.


  • In the field of equestrian competitions it is mainly used for the practice of shooting and dressage.
  • It should be noted that initially these horses were raised as warhorses.
  • In addition, they are used for transportation since they have the capacity to mobilize cars with up to 25 people
  • On the other hand it is used in agricultural work


Behavior of the authentic breed of Percherón Horse

The Percherón Horse has a great advantage and is that they usually adapt to the climatic conditions of any site.

Although it is a rather stubborn horse, this equine is friendly, intelligent, docile, obedient

It also has a great ability to learn new things.

This animal, like the other breeds of horses, needs to be checked with the veterinarian, control of vaccines, among others.

On the other hand, this animal will respond well if treated with love, patience and respect.

The biggest percheron horse in the world

The privileged to have the largest specimen of the Percheron Horse on the planet is Shereen Thompson.

This wonderful specimen is located in a simple Canadian farmer.

The Percherón horse is called Poe. This equine has taken the record of being the largest equine specimen on the planet.

In relation to the attributes that make this horse a milestone is:

  • It is 3 meters tall and weighs more than two tons.
  • Its legs measure about two meters, being unpublished especially in this breed of horses.
  • Poe feeding the world’s largest horse is huge because it must be very strong for its large size.

The percherón horse race is divided into two types.

In principle there are the largest, these have greater strength and endurance. Therefore they are the ideal specimens for equestrian competitions of heavy shot.

In addition, there are the smallest type of percherones. So their attributes are usually smaller.

The latter are used for minor shooting.

Caballo Percherón
Percherón Horse

El Percherón: Shooting’s most common horse

The Percherón horse breed is the most common for equestrian practice of shooting. The main reason why these specimens are used is this equine is loaded with strength and endurance.


Although this horse is wide and robust, the Percherón Horse is very agile and fast.


This makes him the ideal candidate for agricultural activities and parenting.


That volume that characterizes them and their lightness, elegance make this breed a very special horse.

In summary

Horses throughout history have evolved.

In the case of the Percherón horse race they were raised for war.

With the passage of time they were used for agricultural work as well as for transport.

Today it is used in heavy shooting competitions.

This is an animal that although usually stubborn by nature if treated well will respond appropriately.

In relation to the care of these beautiful specimens of Percherón carries the responsibility of its owner. Since the health of these animals should be under the control of a veterinarian.




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