//Children’s rights on quarantine enviroment

Children’s rights on quarantine enviroment

This Sunday, July 19, the Children’s Day celebration will take place in Venezuela and this is an opportunity to reflect on our children. We will especially reflect on the situation of coronavirus and how it affects children’s rights in these times. It’s a difficult environment where family tensions exacerbated by this situation can affect the children of the house and the children’s rights.

Children’s rights are sacred so they must be respected and respected.

Unfortunately, in the time we have been in quarantine, there are many cases of violence against children.

Also, a few cases of infanticide have been seen, this is undoubtedly the most painful because it occurs within the family. For many times it is the parents or close relatives who aggressively affect the little ones in the house to death.

For this reason, from this space, the whole community becomes aware of and reflects on caring for, protecting, educating and respecting children.

UNICEF Children's Rights

Children’s rights in the current context

For the purposes of children’s rights, these are governed by the same rights as adults. However, children’s own rights must be taken.

It should be noted that children are not the property of their parents, in that sense children are human beings and holders of their own rights.

The Convention on the Rights of the Child establishes the following:

“The rights that must be turned into reality so that children can develop their full potential”

Without a doubt, the child is an individual and as a member of a family and a community, she has rights and obligations according to her age and stage of development.

Education must emphasize both the rights and the obligations of children.

In short, the child is an integral being.

At present, it is necessary to work in accordance with the well-being and development of children.

Children have the right to a basic quality of life, of course, in many countries the reality is different.

For this reason, institutions such as Unicef, foundations, NGOs and government institutions join forces to guarantee compliance and respect for children’s rights.

Children's Rights
Children’s Rights

The importance of children’s rights

The need to ensure the rights of children is imperative.

For this reason, children’s rights achieved their own Human Rights Convention.

  • Children are people: Children have the same status as all other members of the human family.
  • Children start life as totally dependent beings: Children depend on adults to receive the care and guidance necessary to become autonomous. In case the family does not comply, the state is under the obligation to protect them
  • The lack of government measures have more serious consequences for children than for any other group in society
  • Many changes in society affect children disproportionately and negatively
  • The healthy development of children is decisive for the future well-being of any society
Fundalmental children's rights: Education
Fundalmental children’s rights: Education

List of Fundamental Rights of Children

  • No to discrimination, this means that they cannot be segregated for reasons of race, color, religion or other reasons. All children have the same rights.
  • Right to special social protection so that children grow up free and healthy
  • The right to education is extremely important, without a doubt this is one of the main ones and that governments are under the obligation to guarantee the child. It should be noted that education is the most powerful weapon to change society. school
  • The child has the right to recreation, which is why he has the right to play, and to have toys and a space for recreation.
  • Absolutely all children have the right to live and to have an appropriate impulse.
  • All children have the right to live in a space suitable for their development. Therefore, the ideal is that children can live in decent housing.
  • Every child has the right to have a family that loves him and cares for him for food
  • Right to have a name and a nationality, at this point it is up to the state to guarantee this right.
  • Access to quality health for children is of vital importance for their healthy and controlled development
  • Right to be protected against neglect and child labor.
Fundamental children's rights
Fundamental children’s rights

Children’s rights: The key to a better future

Children’s rights must be respected, therefore, ideally, children comply with their up-to-date vaccination schedule.

In addition to having free and quality education, as well as health services, they must be excellent for the care of children.

On the other hand, parents are directly responsible for ensuring the well-being of their children. If not, it is up to the state to provide security to the infant.

Children’s Day should make us reflect on adults and ensure the welfare of the smallest of society.

Let us be the voice of millions of children who unfortunately do not have these rights fulfilled and are victims of mafias and unscrupulous people who exploit them.






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