//What means Donald Trump impeachment inquiry? Impechment Trump
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What means Donald Trump impeachment inquiry? Impechment Trump

Everywhere we talk about the political trial or Trump impeachment inquiry. Some support President Trump and others reject him. The truth is that impechment is a procedure that they have tried to apply with Trump on several occasions without success.

On the one hand the Democrats and on the other hand the Republicans. Polarization is gaining ground in the United States around issues such as immigration and social programs.

Trump’s proposal to combat illegal migration and strengthen the US role. in the world attracted many adherents.

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What is an impeachment?

The impeachment is a political trial conducted on an acting president in the US. This trial can lead to the impeachment of the president. The trial is held at the US Congress.

This only applies to treason, bribery or serious crimes.

The process consists of 3 parts:

  • Preliminary investigation in the house of representatives
  • A vote in the House of Representatives that decides with a simple majority if the political trial proceeds
  • Trial chaired by the president of the Supreme Court of Justice. The members of the House of Representatives act as prosecutors and those of the Senate as the jury.
  • A vote where if two thirds of the Senate finds the president guilty, he is removed from office. In this case the vice president concludes the mandate

Why does Trump Impeachment Inquiry occur?

It was caused by the denunciation of a call between Trump and the president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. Bilateral issues and topics on corruption are discussed in the phone call.

The members of the Democratic party allege that the call represented a pressure on Zelensky. Specifically they accuse Trump of using his power to harm Joe Biden, a potential contender in the presidential race.

The truth is that the phone call can be interpreted in several ways and is not compromising. But because of it, an investigation will be conducted that will seek evidence to compromise Trump.

Most likely, the Trump Impeachment Inquiry will stay on the road. With the Republican majority in the Senate it is almost impossible for him to be even accused. It seems like a waste of state resources to weaken Trump.

Donald Trump against Impechment Inquiry
Donald Trump against Impechment Inquiry

How did Trump get to power?

Trump came to power after an election race within the Republican party. There he competed against the following contestants:

  • John Kasich
  • Ted Cruz
  • Marco Rubio
  • Ben Carson
  • Jeb Bush
  • Jim Gilmore
  • Carly Fiorina
  • Chris Christie
  • Rand Paul
  • Rick Santorum
  • Mike Huckabee
  • George Pataki
  • Lindsey Graham
  • Bobby Jindal
  • Scott Walker
  • Rick Perry

After the nomination there was a rather intense electoral contest. Finally in the voting those who obtained electoral votes were:

  • Donald Trump: Won 46 territories with 1725 delegates
  • Ted Cruz: Won in 7 territories with 484 delegates
  • Marco Rubio: Won in 2 territories with 123 delegates
  • John Kasich: Won in a territory with 125 delegates
  • Ben Carson: He did not win in any territory and obtained only 7 delegates
  • Jeb Bush: He did not win in any territory and obtained only 3 delegates
  • Rand Paul: He did not win in any territory and obtained only 2 delegates

In this way he obtained the candidacy for the Republican party. No one would say that someone would try a Trump impeachment I inquired.

Trump’s election campaign began with the slogan “We are going to make our country great again.”

A close and controversial election campaign

Donald Trump’s campaign was controversial from the start. Concerns such as illegal immigration and new competitors in foreign trade were the center.

Some proposals were controversial as a wall between Mexico and the United States. to avoid illegal Mexican immigrants.

He criticized the military conflicts in which the United States had entered. and also the increasingly less important role in the world economy and politics.

Donald Trump got 56.5% of the electoral votes sweeping in places that were considered Democratic strongholds.

Trump became the richest president in the history of the United States. This is true even considering inflation adjustments.

Some wonder then why an impeachment Inquiry against Trump? Some say the Trump Impeachment Inquiry is because the Democratic party takes advantage of its low popularity and its controversial way of acting. Let’s see a little more about this.

How is Trump’s popularity right now?

Trump’s popularity remains between 40 and 45% according to different pollsters. While Trump’s approval has not exceeded 50%, the truth is that he won the election.

But surveys can’t explain everything. There are people who do not answer them, there are people who do not answer the truth, and there are people who answer polls and will not vote.

With this in mind, what we can say about Trump’s popularity is really unpredictable. In the last electoral polls Trump has closed the distance or surpassed his rivals. Trump’s ground has always been controversial.

The Trump Impechment Inquiry could be the opportunity Trump is looking to show himself a winner against the Democrats.

With the Republican majority in the House of Representatives, although the impechment advances, dismissal is almost impossible. The impechment is a possible free stand to expose your ideas.

Donald Trump Impeachment Inquiry
Donald Trump Impeachment Inquiry

Why do the Democrats move forward with their impechment proposal?

Because 2020 is an election year. The rostrum offered by the Trump Impeachment Inquiry could allow him to investigate and expose situations that injure his electoral possibilities.

But this situation can be a double-edged sword for the Democratic party. Because this is a platform for the current president to defend his ideas and present himself as a persecuted politician.

In a political analysis of Chris Cillizza, with which we agree, the reasons why political judgment should be avoided are set out. This article is still valid although it corresponded with a previous accusation of Impeachment.

Reasons to avoid Trump Impeachment Inquiry

There are several reasons to avoid the Impeachment trap. Here we offer several reasons:

Reason 1: Most Americans disagree

Surveys show that most Americans disagree about spending money and energy on the Trump Impeachment Inquiry.

Reason 2: You will never be formally charged

The investigation will advance and show what you have to show. But the Republican majority in the Senate is unlikely to approve the accusation for the trial to continue.

Reason 3: Turn Trump into a victim of political persecution

The trial can become a stage for Trump to expose his ideas with the certainty that he will never be charged. It is possible that this was raised from the beginning.

Reason 4: Polarize the country more

In a polarization scenario, Trump has everything to gain. Moderate positions could cool down but those who support Trump endorse an aggressive and determined style. This in addition to dividing the population could strengthen Trump.

Reason 5: Won’t win votes

Nancy Pelosi, the spokeswoman for the Democratic Party, is trying to concentrate her speech and efforts on the health issue. Surveys show that voter concerns are focused on the health system and immigration.

Polls also show that Donald Trump’s impeachment is not among the voters’ priorities and would be a distraction to the central speech.

However, the process has started and let’s see what state it is in.

Nancy Pelosi anouncing Trump Impeachment Inquiry
Nancy Pelosi anouncing Trump Impeachment Inquiry

What state is the Trump Impeachment Inquiry?

The Trump Impechment Inquiry is currently under investigation.

Who benefits from the Trump Impeachment Inquiry?

Senator Elizabeth Warren has benefited from the Impeachment. She is the only Democrat candidate who has increased chances of winning an election against Trump.

Driving the efforts of Democrats and with the exposure of Joe Biden in the case also sinks. His proposals are social democratic and many are skeptical that he can achieve such profound changes.

But this type of more radical proposal would be the one that would benefit from the climate of polarization promoted.

The result of Trump Impeachment Inquiry

It is predictable that he will be accused and try to expose Trump’s weaknesses as much as possible. On the other hand, the Impechment will become the electoral platform for Trump, just as he will become a persecuted politician.

It will depend on the political ability of the contenders that becomes something positive for one or the other. What is guaranteed is greater polarization in US policy. and an early electoral contest thanks to Trump Impeachment Inquiry.

From here with Gustavo Mirabal, we will keep you abreast of the progress of the situation with great objectivity. Legal changes on immigration and health will be relevant for the next generations and the world.

Donald Trump Impeachment Inquiry
Donald Trump Impeachment Inquiry




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