//Women’s rights and their great relevance
Women's Rights are Human Rights

Women’s rights and their great relevance

Women since ancient times has been relegated to housework. However, as time has passed, a historic struggle for women’s rights has been waged. This has cost sweat, tears, work, and even the lives of many women around the world.

It is for this reason that this month of March makes the occasion more favorable than commemorating International Women’s Day. In addition, this fight must continue to achieve more demands and fully achieve the rights of women.

Today there are many nations where women fully enjoy their rights. However, there are countries where femicides are our daily bread. That is why women have organized to stop this and demand more drastic measures from governments to prevent this.

All women in the world should enjoy the right to education, to health, to enjoy the same rights as men. Hence the importance of addressing issues related to women’s rights.

A Brief History of Women's Rights

Types of Women’s Rights

Women’s rights refer to those rights that are recognized for women and girls in different countries of the world.

There are nations where these rights are supported by the constitution or specific laws of those countries. However, in other places the opposite happens where women and girls suffer abuse

The themes most frequently associated with the notion of women’s rights are

  • Right to integrity, to control of one’s own body, right to vote, right to hold public office,
  • Right to work, right to fair remuneration, right to own property.
  • One of the most important is the right to education, the right to sign legal contracts.
  • Lastly, marriage and parental rights.

Each of these rights is paramount in the lives of millions of women on the planet. Therefore, this fight must continue to achieve the motto of this 2020 Generation Equality.

Voting in not a privilege it's a right - Women's rights
Voting in not a privilege it’s a right – Women’s rights

The right to education

Education is the most powerful tool to change the world. Hence, it is so relevant to women. Well, an educated and educated woman not only has the ability to exercise her profession but is also capable of women’s rights. Rather, it also becomes an agent of change in the spaces where it lives.

Therefore, the example is usually very powerful and with this, this impetus is multiplied by wanting to train and being an empowered woman and capable of taking on great challenges. Taking on the defense of women’s rights is essential. In this way, the world can be changed and transformed where women have equal opportunities with men.

For this reason, states must work to create policies that include women in their different levels and modalities of education. This will not only allow it to be a more developed country, but its population will be economically active.

The reality is usually more painful than you think because there are countries where the illiteracy rate is around 75%. In this sense, women do not have access to education, therefore their development is diminished.

This is an invitation to continue advocating for millions of women to have access to education. Ultimately this is everyone’s job.

Women's Rights to Vote
Women’s Rights to Vote

Commitment to promote human rights by the United Nations

About seven decades ago, most countries were committed to promoting human rights. As well as freedoms without distinction of sex, race, language and religion. When the United Nations Organization began to lead this beautiful initiative, various components and laws were activated, at the international, regional and national levels. This in order to affirm that the rights and freedoms are effectively fulfilled in the female population.

Women's Rights are Human Rights
Women’s Rights are Human Rights

Thus, the UN’s commitment to defending women’s rights is consolidated. Here is a historical overview of the advancement of women’s rights:

  • The first thing that was achieved was the approval, in 1979, of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women. Indeed, this is a key element of the United Nations in protecting women’s rights.
  • Furthermore, the resolutions of the UN Security Council recognize the negative impact of war conflicts on women and girls. Therefore, their participation in the search for peace is promoted, since the role of women in this area is of utmost importance.
  • In 2010, a giant step was taken at the UN, as a unit called UN Women was created. The purpose of this is to promote gender equality in the world.
  • For 2011 the Istanbul Convention was approved. This seeks to address all forms of violence against women.
  • The World Economic Forum called for 2018 to be “the year that women prosper”. Being an initiative of labor inclusion for women.
  • Spain took a step forward by passing a comprehensive law against gender violence in 2004. Then in 2017 a State commitment was agreed to address the insufficiencies that exist in the safe protection of women.
Men of Quality respect Women's Equality
Men of Quality respect Women’s Equality

Women’s rights: keys to a better world.

Much progress has been made in relation to the rights of women in the world. However, there is a pending task in relation to this in countries where their culture works retrograde. It is important to raise awareness of the need to strengthen women’s rights.

For this reason, women activists for their rights continue in this

constant struggle to achieve positive results in these countries. The task is not so easy, but the perseverance and dedication that characterizes women continues to work to achieve the goals of women’s rights.

Without a doubt, the efforts of the state and society are key to achieving the long-awaited gender equality between men and women.






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