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Horses in Madrid

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Gustavo Mirabal en Madrid

The city of Madrid is the capital of Spain and it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities of the old continent. Since time immemorial horses have had their leading role in this city. Due to the fact that important competitions are carried out both in horse riding and in the various riding disciplines, the horse is a main element of Madrid. Therefore, in this issue we will address an article that refers to the Horses in Madrid.

MADRID HORSE WEEK 2016 Higlights Video

In the city of Madrid there are multiple options for people who want to have direct contact with horses. As well as how much with the prestigious Hipódromo de la Zarzuela, and various riding schools that offer plans to the public.

On the other hand, equestrian tourism is also encouraged in other regions of the country. This gives account that the horse is important in all Spain, and therefore it is in the capital of the same.

For people who want a space for recreation and direct contact with nature and especially with horses, there are many places to do so. In Madrid there are multiple equestrian centers where people can enjoy their wonderful facilities. But the main attraction that steals the hearts of the attendees are horses.

Hence, that time becomes a magical experience with the Horses in Madrid. As if that were not enough, the city of Madrid has been the birthplace of outstanding riders throughout history.

The best Madrid riders today

As we mentioned, Madrid is a potential in terms of riders. For that reason at present the most outstanding in the different competitions that are realized there are the following riders:

  • Kevin González de Zárate: with the horse “Urbain des Grezils”, he was proclaimed champion of the CSN 4 * Madrid Top Ten. This event was held at the Club de Campo Villa de Madrid. The brilliant performance of the rider Kevin and his horse meant that during the competition they did not have any collapse in the final of the contest.
  • Leonardo Medal: with the horse “Rey de Gozon” he obtained the second position
  • Roy Calviño: with his horse “Enjoy CR” they obtained the third place to close the podium of the competition.

We can see that there is a generation of young riders with enormous potential. The performance of these riders is brilliant in the competitions they perform with the Horses in Madrid. Without a doubt, these young people can position themselves in the future for international competitions and the Olympics that take place every four years.

With values such as perseverance and discipline can achieve great goals and give that joy not only to the city of Madrid but also to Spain completely.

Kevin González de Zárate
Kevin González de Zárate

Role of the police mounted to Horses in Madrid

The city of Madrid has the Cavalry Unit of the National Police. As far as we can see, the horse plays a fundamental role in the citizen security of the metropolis.

As we have already mentioned in other articles, the role of horses in the life of the human being has been transcendental. For these animals have facilitated the tasks of men throughout the centuries. For more than a century these equines have provided security to citizens in some cities around the world.

It has been one of the alternatives used by the National Police to apply order and peace in the European country, for reasons of the size of the horse.

Likewise, the breeds most used for the execution of these police tasks are purebred Spanish, Arab and English horses. The development of the Spanish horse riding in the use of Spanish horses is highlighted again, the majority of whom work in horses in Madrid.

The origin of the Cavalry Unit of the National Police of Madrid was in the year 1825, with almost two hundred years of experience. For this reason, a cavalry detachment was created with the aim of preventing thefts in the cities.

Later, in the year 1940, the Cavalry Squad Aggregation of the Armed Police and Traffic Corps was born. Then they were given another denomination and they were called the Cavalry Squadron Group of the National Police Corps.

In the latest modifications made by the security agencies of the city of Madrid, this body was placed within the modern police structure. For the year 1986 it was located in the National Police with the current structure.

The main objective of this cavalry security organization in Madrid is to provide a space with protection and security to the inhabitants of the city.

Madrid Mounted Police
Madrid Mounted Police

Carriage Museum in Madrid

The city of Madrid has a rich culture in the equestrian world. So it also has museums that pay tribute to this large sector of horses. Of there its great importance for the Horses in Madrid

The Carruajes Museum is located in the city of Madrid, within the grounds of the Campo del Moro gardens, next to the access of the “Paseo de la Virgen del Puerto”.

This museum currently operates in a building designed in 1960 by Ramón Andrada. The museum consists of the succession of several hexagonal modules. Nowadays it is National Heritage of Spain.

This museum has not been open to the public for almost three decades. It is hoped that in the future you can enjoy the pieces found there, the new museum of royal collections that is currently being built.

Horseback riding in the Sierra de Madrid

The ride with the horses in Madrid is a dream. This walk is made through the path of the Sierra de Madrid and it is impressive. That is, an imposing nature with its landscapes full of colors, smells and flavors conjugating a true experience with nature. The most attractive part of this tour is that you ride a beautiful and strong horse. He will also show his sweetest side and hypnotize with his angelic gaze the human.

This animal will take you through magical trails. The trips take place inside the farm. As well as for mountain roads of different degrees of difficulty. There you can observe a virgin nature and protected in the heart of the Natural Park. This is a unique experience for those who want to enter into true and pure nature.

Horseback riding routes
Horseback riding routes

The route is completed with the accompaniment of a person with great experience in these roads. In addition, participants will be concentrated according to their practice. You can make the trip regardless of the time of year through the mountains of Madrid.

As a preventive measure this ride includes helmet and accident insurance. This tour is suitable for anyone except for a few exceptions that must be notified to the center responsible for the trip.

One of the benefits of these rides is that the horses are of docile behavior. So they admit to enjoy their ride both to people with knowledge of chivalry as to beginners or children. For a greater enjoyment of the activity of equestrian tourism the most suitable thing is to assist with comfortable clothes and shoes.

Horses in Madrid or Horses in the hearts of Madrid?


The city of Madrid has the kindness of having mounted police horses and equestrian training centers. As well as the development of equestrian tourism through the walk through the Sierra de Madrid. It also has the facilities of the famous and imposing hippodrome de la Zarzuela on the outskirts of the city. Numerous are the riders who stand out in this beautiful city. They also preserve their connection with their equestrian history through the carriage museum

For all the above and much more, Madrid is definitely an ideal city for lovers of the equestrian world. So to prepare suitcases for Madrid …








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