//Alejandro Oliva and Gustavo Mirabal passion for horse riding
Horses: The passion of Alejandro Oliva and Gustavo Mirabal

Alejandro Oliva and Gustavo Mirabal passion for horse riding

Various disciplines make up horsemanship. In the case of Alejandro Oliva, he leaned towards Dressage. In the case of Gustavo Mirabal he went for the equestrian jump, both disciplines require dedication, effort, and discipline. The common point is that Alejandro Oliva and Gustavo Mirabal have a great passion for horse riding.

The new generations of riders in various disciplines of horsemanship give their best. One of the fundamental requirements is that you must have great love and respect for horses.

Alejandro Oliva is a rider who works with a lot of discipline and dedication. For this reason it excels in the discipline of dressage. In this sense it has a lot in common with the rider Gustavo Mirabal, as this Venezuelan has excelled in the equestrian world.

On the other hand, Gustavo Mirabal has made great contributions to the equestrian world from G&C Farm at the time that this initiative has been active.

Undoubtedly, the riding world has had great riders and a generation of excellent relay follows.

Alejandro Oliva is a horseman only 21 years old. This man was born in San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid. Without a doubt, he is an equestrian athlete who has a world ahead to conquer success.

Alejandro Oliva
Alejandro Oliva

The trajectory of the Spanish dressage rider Alejandro Oliva

Despite his young age, the successful rider Alejandro Oliva excels in the dressage discipline.

The beginnings of this rider was at the age of three when his parents were looking for the ideal place for his training in the world of riding. Like Gustavo Mirabal they started in the world of horses at an early age.

Without a doubt, Gustavo Mirabal and Alejandro Oliva are two men passionate about horse riding.

Discipline and dedication is the motto of these successful horse riding men.

Here are some achievements of this young rider.

  • It was a gold medal of the Community of Madrid 2018 riding “Elevado”.
  • With this copy, he obtained the silver medal for teams in 2016.
  • Also the individual bronze in the Spanish Championship of 2017.
  • It was positioned among the top positions in the Cto. of Spain for Minors 2019 with “Frisherman’s Friend”.
Alejandro Oliva Spanish dressage rider
Alejandro Oliva Spanish dressage rider

Training of the dressage rider Alejandro Oliva

To achieve excellent results, athletes must maintain a strict training routine. Therefore, discipline and perseverance must prevail in high competition riders.

Alejandro Oliva carries out his training in Torrejón de Ardoz. This is located in the Juan Antonio Jiménez Dressage Center.

The routine starts at 8:00, riding the first horses around 8:30.

This activity is carried out under the instruction and supervision of Juan Antonio Jiménez who has been ready to teach it.

Then they take a break at lunchtime and rest.

Subsequently they begin work with the horses under their responsibility.


Horses that have left an indelible mark on the rider Alejandro Oliva

Riders generally have a predilection for one or more horses in particular.

Undoubtedly, the horses that have marked a before and after in the life of the rider Alejandro Oliva are the specimens called Elevado and Tlaloc Mor.

With the horse named Elevado, he has achieved successes and has managed to learn, especially when competing.

On the other hand, the specimen called Tlaloc Mor, stallion from Las Morerías with which he has participated during 2018 and 2019.

Due to the excellent training provided by his trainer Juan Antonio Jiménez, Alejandro Oliva has the ability to ride and compete with a great variety of equines.

The rider Alejandro Oliva recognizes that each horse is a world and teaches you something new. Undoubtedly, there is a fusion of a magical rider-horse pair.

Alejandro Oliva usually establishes a stronger bond with competition horses.

Without a doubt, Alejandro Oliva and Gustavo Mirabal feel a very special connection with horses. It is for this reason that they are both passionate about the equestrian world.

Horses: The passion of Alejandro Oliva and Gustavo Mirabal
Horses: The passion of Alejandro Oliva and Gustavo Mirabal

Family support to succeed in the riding world

Most of the time the role of families is to support their members to move forward and achieve their goals. That is why the family of the dressage rider Alejandro Oliva has supported him from a very young age in conquering his achievements.

Alejandro Oliva, like Gustavo Mirabal, has had the support of family and friends to move forward in the world of horse riding.

This has been a great help for which Alejandro Oliva shows gratitude towards life. The parents of this great and promising Spanish rider have played an exceptional role in the training of their son in the world of horse riding.

He has also had the unconditional support of his instructor Juan Antonio Jiménez and by the stud Las Morerías.


In summary

Alejandro Oliva and Gustavo Mirabal are great riders passionate about the disciplines of dressage and show jumping.

The common point of this Spanish and this Venezuelan is his great love for horses.

Furthermore, discipline and perseverance are the motto to achieve excellence.

Much remains to be done in the equestrian world. Although Gustavo Mirabal is already retired, he has made great contributions in the training of relief riders.

In the case of Alejandro Oliva, if he continues with that enthusiasm, he will surely achieve great triumph by representing his native country in the discipline of dressage.

In short, Alejandro Oliva and Gustavo Mirabal are two great equestrian athletes.

To finish we leave an interview with Gustavo Mirabal.




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