//Luis Astolfi, Rider
Luis Astolfi Rider

Luis Astolfi, Rider

In the world of Spanish horse racing we continue to highlight the great riders who have set the standard in Spanish riding. Leaving a legacy of more than three decades impeccably with the role he has played in the different Olympic competitions. It is for this reason that we are going to address everything related to the great horseman Luis Astolfi

Luis Astolfi belongs to the elite of Spanish sport. Few athletes can exhibit a curriculum like him, four Olympics, thirty-two years in Competition and many trophies. All these victories are synonymous with a life dedicated to the horse.

Luis Astolfi

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Family life of the Olympic rider Luis Astolfi

Married to Isabel Flórez, a Sevillian businesswoman, they have two children. Luis of fourteen and Marina of eight. His son has already started competing two years ago, is now rehabilitating from an accident and will be fit in a few months. On the other hand, her daughter, a restless and cheerful girl has also started riding. While Isabel, his wife has a taste completely away from the horse, since he prefers golf.

Luis Astolfi and family
Luis Astolfi and family

Luis Astolfi and his passion for horses

All his brothers and his father had a hobby, his father thought it was better to be involved in the sport that gave you a certain responsibility than not being around. Sport has given you the possibility to travel, to know many countries, cattle ranchers and people of all kinds. It is a very varied and very healthy world. There is a lot of work and also a lot of entertainment. He has also tried to transmit this passion for sports to your children. Although they are still far from the high competition. Astolfi considers that it is good for his training as people. At present it has two horses, apart also one block from the breeder Rafael Carranza, in total there are ten horses with which they participate in competitions

Experience in the equestrian world

Premiere with fourteen years, has been more than three decades in competition. This great rider has known how to conquer this world, and find the right moment.

In relation to the number of competitions in which the rider participates, Luis Astolfi has an average of three competitions per month. What in global are 36 per year and more than three decades of sports life. Now it even has prestige and can always be improved.

Luis Astolfi and the Duchess of Alba
Luis Astolfi and the Duchess of Alba

Luis Astolfi suffered an accident

The accident of Luis Astolfi occurred in mid-2018 at the facilities of Real Club Pineda, while walking. Astolfi horse was frightened and went to the ground with the rider, falling with all his weight on the right shoulder. The consequence was a humeral head fracture, which forced Luis Astolfi to undergo surgery. Medical prognosis points to a long recovery of 5 months

Spanish equestrian world icon

In conclusion, this rider has been a representative figure of the Spanish equestrian world. Since I represent your country in four Olympics and have been in the horse world for more than 32 years. Being an example for the generation of relief. With perseverance and dedication I succeed in conquering success and leading a balanced family life.





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