//Mourning on Spanish equestrian: amazon Carolina Catany passed away
Carolina Catany

Mourning on Spanish equestrian: amazon Carolina Catany passed away

The equestrian world has had brilliant riders throughout history. However, women have gradually conquered new spaces and one of them is precisely the world of horse riding. An example of this is the excellent performance of women in this equestrian sport. That is why today we will talk about Carolina Catany. She is an excellent rider who recently passed away and for whom the Spanish horse riding is in mourning.

Carolina Catany is an example of discipline, effort, perseverance and a lot of resilience. Once again the honors to this great Amazon who left this plane because of cancer.

Without a doubt, the Spanish Amazon Carolina Catany leaves us a lesson that women increasingly succeed in various disciplines of horse riding.

Gamo y Carolina Catany/29.3.2015

The equestrian sector in Spain is in mourning

On June 24, Spain woke up in mourning after the unfortunate death of a woman who stood out in equestrian discipline.

The great Amazon Carolina Catany has gone to another plane after two years of battling lymphoma. Unfortunately, she leaves a great void not only in her family and friends but in the equestrian world.

The highly competitive athlete was in the intensive care unit of the Virgen del Rocío Hospital in Seville, Spain.


The great Spanish Amazon Carolina Catany

Carolina Catany was born in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Although her career in the equestrian world the performance in the south of this European country. It is there where she starts riding.

The stud farm Beca is the place that had the privilege of knowing for the first time the talent of this young woman. In this place she rode the horses and then began to mount copies of Luis Astolfi.

Completed several stages and also fulfilled the passage through several equestrian disciplines is located in Hípica Son Gregal advanced to a teaching stage. The gift of teaching was kept and exploited in the coachings of the equestrian world. There she began to impart her knowledge in this sport, so people interested in learning emerged.

Among the disciplines that the amazon Carolina Catany practiced are the following: Dressage, full competition and show jumping.

In each of these riding disciplines, the amazon Carolina Catany stood out. Therefore it leaves a nice mark on the world of Spanish horse riding


Carolina Catany a woman with great charisma

Women tend to have great sensitivity and charisma, this is Carolina Catany, an excellent Spanish amazon who died this week due to cancer.

Without a doubt it is a lesson in resilience, love and struggle that leaves us.

One of the characteristics of this great Spanish woman is firmness and a fighting spirit, as well as her good character.

Without a doubt Carolina Catany leaves an indelible mark. So the fans of the equestrian world as well as the people who had respect and affection for her.

Italy CC y Carolina Catany / cambio de pie

A little more about Carolina Catany and her love for horses

She was an amazon and professional trainer, for this reason she has several equine specimens.

In an interview conducted by Natalia Méndez del Valle for her portal, Carolina Catani told part of her story.

This great rider started from a very young age in the world of horse riding. At 4 years old she was already riding and in the world of competitions it was released from 9 years old.

Meaning of horse riding for Carolina Catany:

“For me this is much more than a hobby, it is a way of life. A job and a hobby at the same time. In other words, it’s a luxury ”

In relation to her daily routine Carolina Catany said the following:

“I usually ride the horses I have in training in the mornings. I also dedicate myself to some of my students, usually between 6 and 8. And in the afternoons I teach”.

Without a doubt we can see the great passion that this woman felt towards the horses, towards her teaching role. She showed us that you can enjoy what you do and achieve success. Hes life revolves around horseback riding, his horses and his students.

Her smile and her happiness
Her smile and her happiness

Spain and its passion for the world of horses

The Spanish people have a great passion for horses. This is one of the characteristics that impressed Gustavo Mirabal who had the opportunity to live in that country for a time.

Europe in itself has a great inclination to the equestrian world, and Spain is one of the most prominent along with France and Germany. These nations have had many triumphs at the Olympics and other equestrian events.

Currently there are many initiatives related to equestrian tourism in Spain, which are undoubtedly very attractive to horse lovers.

Without a doubt Carolina Catany had the privilege of being born in these lands where they value the horse.

On the other hand, the horse breed called Pure Spanish Breed is a pride of this country. Another pride for the great Amazon

This equine is native to the Spanish lands, it is also known as the Andalusian Horse.

Condolences of the equestrian world to the Catany family

The Mirabal Chapellín family extends their condolences to Catany family for such an unfortunate loss.

The world of Spanish horse riding has suffered a great loss.

Fly High Carolina Catany …





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