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Essentials of equestrian safety - Tips by Gustavo Mirabal

Tips for riding a horse… Become a master

Learning to ride a horse is easy and fun, although if it is the first time you ride a horse you will surely feel fear.

Which is normal because horses are large animals, imposing and of a beauty without equal.

In this post we will give you some tips for you to learn to ride a horse.

You must first get rid of fear because this is not a good friend when we want to get on a horse and even when we are on it.

So fear should not be part of that journey on horseback. Although it is completely natural to feel fear of falling from the equine, it cannot predominate because the animal feels that fear and is also frightened.

Horseback Riding Tips

Tips for riding a horse

If you want to learn to ride a horse you must make sure you have a person who already knows, who has the knowledge and will help you do it in the best way.

Riding a horse requires good posture, adequate clothing, when you want to practice as a sport, and a previous preparation.

That is why the first of the tips to ride a horse that we are going to give you is: do not be afraid to get on the horse.

The second is related to choosing a person who knows how to ride to teach you.

The third: Do not hit the horse to obey. He knows what he should do, you are the one who has no idea and is just learning.

So you must be patient with yourself and not press the horse, because if it is not it can bother and start running or lie back and lie on the ground

Be firm but not aggressive

Horse riding requires concentration and communication, in addition to a special connection.

If you are starting in the world of riding or just want to take a horse ride, you have to know that you need to communicate with the horse.

These animals understand what humans tell them because they are very receptive and sensitive.

In this sense, communication is vital when you want to ride a horse.

Therefore, the instructions must be firm, that there is no doubt in what you are saying to the animal.

On the contrary, if the horse feels that whoever rides it has doubts, it will act in a disoriented manner.

Remember that for the horse you are the leader. It’s about making a team, a binomial, just one with the horse.

The rider-horse relationship is built, not imposed.

So the handling of the whip is very important so as not to fall into animal abuse.

Tips to learn how to ride a horse
Tips to learn how to ride a horse

There are no bad horses

All horses have a temperament and a character, just like humans, so each horse is different and has different ways of learning.

Some learn faster while others make it slower.

It does not mean that some specimen are good and others do not, on the contrary, that diversity makes them incredible.

Although this requires knowing the horse to know what they like, how they behave, etc.

Note: If you want to go for a walk only, you should ask to be given a meek horse, who likes hiking; Surprisingly there are horses for everything you want.

So there are no bad horses, every reaction they have has a reason, nothing is accidental.

Although if you are a person who is just learning, they will most likely teach you with a quiet horse. And so it should be.


If you are very afraid, get off

If you are learning to ride a horse and feel too scared when you want to get on it, do not get on.

Work on your emotions and when you are calmer then try again. The horses are very intelligent and perceive the way the person feels.

So if the horse is calm and serene, the horse will be too, while if the nerves take hold of you it is best to get off the animal, wait and try again when you are ready.

Only you can achieve the confidence you need to learn how to ride a horse and do it the right way.

Tips for riding a horse
Tips for riding a horse

Ride several horses

Each horse is unique and if you learn to ride with several specimens, you will surely learn many things. This is one of most important tips for riding a horse

That way you don’t get used to only one but you can know how the different specimens behave, you learn to know them and enjoy each other’s gallop.

Wear the helmet- tips to ride a horse

One of the main elements within the clothing that involves riding a horse is wearing the helmet.

The helmet protects the head in the falls and it is not advisable to ride without one.

Another element is the back protector to protect the spine.

If you are just an amateur who wants to take a walk, then you must make sure you take the reins well, do not hit the horse and speak clearly, without hesitation.

It is not necessary to kick it or hit it with the whip, it is enough with a click in the teeth to indicate to him that it advances or an expression like “wuoo” so that the horse stops.

Remember that first of all you must remain calm and be sure of the order you want to give the horse.

The clearer things are told the better it will. These animals are very intelligent.

Other tips for riding a horse

It is time to focus on other tips for riding a horse.

These are the technical aspects that must be respected.

  • The first one is associated with standing next to the horse, that is, next to the animal.
  • Two: Make sure there is enough space for the horse to walk and turn around once you get on.
  • Three: Stand next to the horse.

The next is to go to the horse and stand next to him.

If you fail to get on your own impulse, look for a ladder that helps you reach the level you require.

Once you get in, remember to settle gently in the chair, this helps you not to hurt the horse’s back.

Subsequently, the right foot fits well in the stirrup, that will help you maintain good balance and make the movements with greater confidence.

As for the dress, if you already know that you are going for a horse ride, then you must wear the right shoes.

Preferably boots because these fit well to the stirrup and your feet will not leave it.

Tips to learn how to ride a horse - Gustavo Mirabal Castro
Tips to learn how to ride a horse – Gustavo Mirabal Castro

Tips for riding a horse – Age

From the age of five a person can ride a horse.

At that time, it starts with a pony, and as the child grows it can change horses.

Ponies are very nice with children, they like to interact with them and share.

So there is no excuse for not teaching your little ones to ride.

Remember, the most important thing is … Summary of tips for riding a horse

If you want to ride a horse you have to leave the fear of falling.

Try on several horses and wear the right attire.

In addition, you must ensure that trained people and professionals in the equestrian area teach them.

And finally, it is necessary to remember that the use of the whip is not necessary at all times, just a click of teeth, a word for the horse to move forward and a brief pull of reins to stop.

Not even learning to ride justifies the mistreatment of the horse. That is unacceptable. Riding a horse is a responsibility.




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