//7 interesting things to know about Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Dubai Tourism

7 interesting things to know about Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Dubai is one of the seven Emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates. In this installment you will find the interesting aspects of Dubai.

This beautiful and modern place has an area of ​​approximately fifteen hundred square kilometers. It has a tributary river known as Dubai Creek. This divides the city in two. The first area is called Deira (to the North) and the second is called Bur Dubai (to the South).

Dubai has the advantage and uniqueness that it is one of the cities with the strongest economy in the world.

This city is classified as an economic emporium that attracts foreign investors and entrepreneurs.

It is also one of the favorite tourist attractions of people.

Dubai is one of the most important cities in the United Arab Emirates. This is the headquarters of the oil industry and where the commerce of the region moves.

Its population has reached 800,000 inhabitants in recent years. It should be noted that many foreigners live there, both investors and migrant employees. In addition to this there is a floating population that would come as tourists who will know the wonders of this prosperous, modern and innovative city.

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# 1 Dubai Tourist Interest

Dubai is the dream of any human being. Well, it has a modern and innovative city made up of spectacular architecture.

In addition, it is a place where you will find great monuments and buildings with history to visit.

It also has natural spaces to photograph and admire.

On the other hand, it is an ideal space to enjoy a comfortable vacation in a friendly city. It should be noted that this place has a differentiating element. Dubai is fully prepared to receive foreign tourism.

The resorts and hotels are luxury, so get ready for a king-worthy experience in those Middle Eastern lands.

Dubai Tourism
Dubai Tourism

# 2 Dubai local currency

When making the decision to travel to a place, you should inquire about relevant aspects such as the local currency.

In the case of Dubai the official currency is the Dirham whose contraction is Dh or AED.

In relation to the euro, it can be said that 1 euro is equivalent to 4.5 dirhams (approx.)

Additionally, each dirhams is divided into 100 fils.

Also the Dirham (AED) has an approximate equivalence of AED 3.67 per 1 USD.

It is of utmost importance to take this into account to go as prepared as possible to enjoy that dream trip.

Dirham is Dubai Local Currency
Dirham is Dubai Local Currency

# 3 Climate

Dubai has a tropical desert climate, its temperatures can reach a maximum of 48°C in the hottest months. In the colder months it has a temperature of 7°C.

On winter days, the temperature is around an average of 20°C. While in summer, the average temperature usually approaches 40°C.

Humidity is very high, all year round the average is around 70%.

We can see that the weather usually varies depending on the time of year. This is an element to be taken into account by visitors when choosing clothing.

If it is a hot season, it is advisable to use clothing from cooler fabrics. Instead, it is in cold season, it is best to make garments that shelter the most.

Dubai weather 19-05-2020
Dubai weather 19-05-2020

# 4 Main religion

Dubai is characterized by being more open about religion. The official religion of this place is Islam. However they are extremely respectful towards other religions.

For this reason you can find Christian and Buddhist temples in the same city.

The legislation of this place is usually more flexible in this regard. For this, it must comply with the norm and this is based on the ceremonies being held in the appropriate spaces for it.

The idea of this is not to cause interference in the habits and customs established by Islam.

In Dubai all religious can live and exercise their faith in complete freedom.

As we know, a large number of foreigners live in this place. Dubai is characterized by respecting its religious and social customs

Islam is the official religion of Dubai
Islam is the official religion of Dubai

# 5 Dress code in the city

People must be respectful of the cultures of the countries you are going to visit. That is why you must investigate before the trip to choose the appropriate garments according to the country, the weather and the season.

The recommendation to tourists is not to wear short clothing, that is, no short skirts or low-cut blouses in public spaces.

In the case of foreigners, it is advisable to wear clothing that covers the body. In other words, they are demure according to Dubai’s social customs.

Also, displays of affection in public spaces are not allowed. In this sense tourists should be careful of their behaviors in public places..

You must respect the dynamics of these countries and therefore be a foreign citizen with good behavior.

Dress code in Dubai
Dress code in Dubai

# 6 Dubai Economy

As for the economy of Dubai, it is based on tourism, as this is a city that attracts millions of tourists from all over the planet.

Furthermore, this region has oil and gas reserves.

This is one of the strongest economies in the world, being this a favorable reason for foreign investors and entrepreneurs to settle here.

Furthermore, the legislation of this emirate favors businessmen with its policies, since these favor it in the long term.

Dubai Economy
Dubai Economy

# 7 Dubai the new place where Gustavo Mirabal triumphs

Gustavo Mirabal is a Venezuelan who succeeds in distant lands. You are now in this region taking your knowledge of financial advice.

Furthermore, he enjoys the rich culture of this region and as a sensible man respects its culture.

Little by little he has adapted and learned more and more about this magical place.

There Gustavo Mirabal projects himself as a quintessential financial advisor, accompanied by his great and excellent work team.

So the Venezuelan tricolor is present there.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro
Gustavo Mirabal Castro

In summary

Dubai is an amazing place worth visiting one day. This Emirate is an example that a government with planning and will can make your country a wonderful place.

This place has grown exponentially in recent years, thus becoming a space where many entrepreneurs seek to invest. Without a doubt this is a true development as a region of the United Arab Emirates.






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