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World Nature Protection Day

World Nature Protection Day

Planet earth is so far the habitable and suitable planet for human beings. Unfortunately, over the years, the growth of the industry coupled with the lack of education and awareness the planet has suffered irreversible damage.

So it’s time we reflect and adopt healthy lifestyles that protect the planet. To achieve the recovery of nature we must reduce the consumption of plastics and other elements harmful to the environment.

Today many Non-Governmental Organizations, foundations and some governments have joined in this cause for the protection of the environment.

In the field of law is environmental law, this is imposed in some countries. However, it is a call to governments, industries, and consumers to conserve the environment.

Without a doubt, World Nature Protection Day is a special occasion to reflect and see what we are doing from the individual to change the planet?

In the current context we are facing a pandemic of a lethal disease such as covid-19. In addition, news of the fires in Australia, Brazil and the United States is worrying.

If we add to all the above hurricanes, rains, floods and plagues we worry.

Have you ever wondered how you can help the planet?

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Celebration of World Nature Protection Day

World Day for the Protection of Nature has been celebrated since 1972.

On February 21, 1972, the former president of Argentina, Juan Domingo Perón, sent a message in Madrid expressing the following:

“The time has come for all peoples and governments of the world to become aware of the suicidal march that humanity has undertaken through the pollution of the environment and the biosphere, the squandering of natural resources, the unbridled growth of population and the overestimation of technology. It is necessary to immediately reverse the direction of that march, through joint international action.”

These words came into the hands of Kurt Waldheim, then secretary of the United Nations, through a letter sent by Perón himself.

The words touched the soul of the secretary of the General Assembly of this body. In this way, the important anniversary of the World Day for the Protection of Nature was achieved.

Undoubtedly, this Argentine president left a legacy in favor of nature, because this is a day to reflect and create positive changes in the behavior of men towards their environment.

UN Secretary Kurt Waldheim promoted that same year the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment. This was held from June 5 to 16, 1972, in Stockholm. That was the first conference to make the issue of the environment a central theme.

Thanks to this conference, on July 5 of each year we also celebrate World Environment Day.


Ways to help our planet Earth

Today, one of the main objectives of the United Nations is to achieve a more sustainable world. Well, this is what it promotes in the 2030 Agenda, to ensure that countries obtain their development without affecting nature, rather taking advantage of the renewable resources it possesses.

The best way to help with this project is by practicing the following goals:

  • Use renewable energy sources.
  • Recycle and reuse plastic and all waste material with which new products can be created.
  • Build green roof urbanisms.
  • Generate organic compost in our homes to reduce garbage in cities.
  • Carry ecological shopping bags.
  • Reduce the use of plastic or the purchase of products whose packaging is highly polluting.
  • Reduce our carbon footprint.

These are just a few tips, but there are many other actions you can take to keep our planet clean and healthy. It should be noted that the support of the rulers in establishing policies that take care of the environment.

But in principle we are each one of us who must take the first step to achieve the planet we want.

We can help by carrying eco-friendly bags
We can help by carrying eco-friendly bags

How to celebrate World Nature Protection Day?

There are many ways to celebrate World Nature Protection Day. Here are a few:

  • You can join some of the activities planned by NGOs.
  • You can also coordinate with friends to clean up a park or hand out pamphlets with information about environmental conservation,
  • Attend a craft workshop with waste materials.

But remember, everything you share do it with the hashtag #WorldNatureProtectionDay.


Environmental protection

The basic objective of environmental protection is to anticipate risks and prevent damage. Also, protect natural spaces, those that have unique values of vegetation, fauna, landscape.

In addition to directing efforts to make human development compatible with the protection of the environment.

In the current context, our ecological footprint exceeds the planet’s capacity to regenerate what is consumed. For this reason, we must protect nature from the individual to the collective.

There is still hope for a better planet – World Day for the Protection of Nature

There is still hoped to achieve a positive impact on the planet and thus take the right steps to build a future based on the sustainable consumption of natural resources.

The protection of nature is the task of all human beings.  Although to achieve this, the development of adequate environmental policies by institutions is of vital importance.

On the other hand, in the role of awareness, environmental education is essential at all levels and modalities of education, considering that education is the most powerful weapon to change the world.

Hence the importance of an education established in environmental values applicable to any social attitude. The purpose of this is to train people with critical observation skills that protect the environment around them.

By planting trees we can help protect the environment on World Nature Protection Day
By planting trees we can help protect the environment on World Nature Protection Day

World Nature Protection Day in brief

Every October 18 is celebrated the World Day for the Protection of Nature and is a special occasion to transmit through social networks relevant information on the subject.

On the other hand, it is a call to the rulers to assume from their role actions aimed at improving the environment. Gustavo Mirabal Castro invites us to become aware of the protection of the environment.


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