//Nervous horses: How to help them?
Nervous Horses

Nervous horses: How to help them?

Just as humans can suffer from nerves or anxiety, the same can happen with horses. These animals are very sensitive and scary and often present inappropriate behavior. For this reason we will talk about everything related to nervous horses and how to help them.

How human beings and as responsible owners should ensure the welfare of equines. If for any reason the animal begins to exhibit inappropriate behavior, attention should be paid.

The horse’s behavior is a very important and variable element. Well it depends on each horse. As well as other factors that intervene such as race, the treatment given to the animal and sex.

The treatment of animals if very strong can result in nervous horses.

Ideally, nerve horses undergo behavioral treatment. This should be addressed by a veterinarian specializing in ethology, that is, in animal behavior.

Without further ado, let’s begin by knowing the causes of horse nervousness.

Riding a Nervous Horse

Causes why you can become a nervous horse.

There are several reasons why you can have nervous horses. Usually this is due to external factors.

Among the situations that can cause stress on the horse are the following:

  • One of the stressors that can leave horses nervous and with inappropriate behavior is transport and continuous displacements. Usually this happens to those horses that participate in equestrian competitions.
  • The day they compete turns out to accelerate their state of excitement and nerves.
  • Another situation that can leave a nervous horse is the rough approach in the block.
  • In addition, food plays an important role. As a diet based on cereals and carbohydrates can greatly influence.
  • Another situation that leaves nervous horses is animal abuse by their owners or caregivers.

The character of the equine will have a significant influence if it is selected for any equestrian discipline is specific. Well, some are more active and others are the opposite.

Nervous Horses
Nervous Horses

Actions to reduce stress in horses

In principle, appropriate measures should be taken to reduce as far as possible the elements that make the horses nervous.

There are three aspects of great importance to take into account, among them we can mention the following:

The handling that is being given to the animal:

The way in which nervous horses are approached is essential. In this sense, you should not stay in the barn all day. Well this makes the situation worse.

Therefore these animals with these conditions must have a few hours to play and run free through the savannah.

Horse feeding

Another factor that is key to reducing the situation of nervous horses is to modify their diet.

Ideally, avoid foods such as diets rich in carbohydrates. Well this is a factor that increases the nervous state of the horse.

There are usually horses that don’t cause them any problems. While others are severely affected in their habitual behavior.

The use of nutritional supplements.

In cases where nervous horses occur, measures can be taken. In these cases supplements based on Magnesium and L-Tryptophan can be supplied.

The objective of these nutritional supplements is to help reduce the state of excitement of the horse. Therefore it would be positively influencing nervous horses.

Nutritional supplements for nervous horses
Nutritional supplements for nervous horses

Nervous horses for sedentary lifestyle

When the horse spends days in the stable without going out, it becomes nervous, inappropriate behavior is shown. It is also more scary than usual.

But this usually happens because the horse needs that space to recreate.

For this reason it is often confused that the horse is stressed. When in fact it is the lack of exercise that harms him thus altering his behavior.

Ideally, these nervous horses go out daily to enjoy nature, run, play and relax.

When horses remain locked up in stables for a long time, they have negative consequences on their behavior. Therefore people should be aware of this.

Desensitization in nervous horses

The horse is an animal with a lot of tradition and that has survived by the instinct of self-preservation in the face of danger.

This condition has not changed as it is maintained today. In this way, wild horse breeds survive in different countries.

When the horses are in their learning stage they observe the mother’s behaviors. It depends on what the young horse observes his character will be molded.

After weaning, learning continues but observing what happens in the pack. In this way he begins to act like the rest of the horses.

The horses turn out to be scary, but with good treatment and when they realize they are not in danger they will feel confident.

To modify this behavior of nerves in horses, the ideal is to work the horse with positive reinforcement.

Another option that usually works is to give them carrots in a bag. This in case you are afraid of the bags.

Desensitization of a nervous horse
Desensitization of a nervous horse

Desensitization concept:

This process of gradual learning based on a series of repetitive and progressive works. Through this he is shown an object that produced fear and gradually stopped producing such a reaction.

This technique is ideal for removing nerves in horses. This is because fear disappears with desensitization. For what it is worth putting into practice.

Let’s help the nervous horses.

To reduce nerve behavior in horses, a series of measures must be taken. This in order to correctly address the problem.

On the other hand, if the problem persists, you should see a specialist in equine ethology. This professional will be in charge of applying strategies that help the animal.

Then you will have a healthy horse with a balanced behavior. Help him so that together they are the best rider and horse team.





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