//The horse’s temperament
The horse's temperament

The horse’s temperament

We all have temperament. Although the horses also yours and today we will dedicate this article to this topic.

By nature horses are gentle, respectful and very safe. More like animal “prey” is also guided by their instincts.

If he feels threatened, he will react according to what he feels within himself, that is why we must create trust in humans and respect.

The way in which the horse is treated will make it respond. What is sown will be harvested.

Horses have a good memory. So much so that since they are born they perceive what is happening around them and are able to remember traumatic moments when they are adults.

Docile temperament

The horse in itself has a docile temperament. He likes to live in herds and expresses what he feels.

However, it tends to be dominant and establish a hierarchy of dominance, without being violent. Aggression is not part of its nature. Horses prefer to flee rather than fight. In spite of this, if he feels in danger, he reacts by kicking or even biting.

The temperament of the horse is related to that which characterizes the animal during most of the time. This can ultimately be educated. The horse has a great disposition to learn. It also depends on the will to train it, its genetics, among others.

The horse's temperament
The horse’s temperament

The ideal temperament for sport horses

One of the qualities for which the horse is valued is because of its capacity for sport and temperament is an important feature to consider. Therefore, it is ideal for this activity:

  • If it shows good availability, ability to understand and follow the orders of the rider.
  • When he reacts positively to the difficulties or mistakes made.
  • If you have good “mountability”, ability to work under pressure and good nerve level.

When a horse gets a “bad temper”

Horses can give you a bad temper. If at any time they do not wish to carry out any activity, they are tired or they receive abuse, they express their rejection with corporal attitudes.

How to know if my horse has “bad temper”?

When you bend or move your ears, when you move the front legs and mouth.

Also when it stretches the lips and wrinkles the jaw, when it shows the rump or the teeth.

Quiet horse's temperament
Quiet horse’s temperament

Final advice

Everything you teach your horse will learn. This animal is very intelligent and noble, so we must treat it with respect and earn its own.

We can not expect him to obey us if we mistreat him. On the contrary, it is our love for him that will conquer his heart. We are sure that once your heart is won, that connection will be invaluable.

When it comes to “choosing” the right horse for sport, it is essential to build that spirit, that temperament. In conclusion we leave you some clues so you can select your ideal horse:

  1. Select the race that suits the type of activity in which you wish to participate. The race of the horse makes him more inclined to certain activities. If the horse is comfortable with what he does, he will do it well.
  2. Select the horse according to his temperament. Temperament is something that is built with experience but the natural predisposition of a horse can make it easier.
  3. Build a relationship of trust between the horse, the trainer and the rider. This relationship can be built with respectful treatment, participation of the coach and the rider in the maintenance and grooming routines of the horse, among others.
  4. The progressive and respectful training makes the horse gain confidence and not result in a “trained” behavior. The best apprenticeships are given in the most natural way possible.
  5. Take care of your horse’s health. Any physical discomfort in the midst of competitive stress environments such as sports can destroy what I have so hopefully built.

Love your horse, take care of it and he will take care of you and lead you to victory. To ride …






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