//Iñigo Muguerza sculptor and rider
Iñigo Muguerza

Iñigo Muguerza sculptor and rider

Iñigo Muguerza’s biography

Iñigo Muguerza Sainz de la Maza was born in Madrid in 1963. He is a Spanish sculptor and comes from a family of artists. He is grandson of the guitarist Regino Sáinz de la Maza (1896-1981) and great-grandson of the writer Concha Espina (1869-1955).

Muguerza developed his artistic education in the Madrid studio of Amadeo Roca, between 1977 and 1985.

He is an experienced rider. This led him to set up a blacksmith as part of his work as a sculptor of metals (mainly bronze), using the forge and exercising his trade as a blacksmith.

For the sculptor Iñigo Muguerza blacksmithing is also an art, and very close to sculpture.

“An Argentine friend-an illiterate gaucho-taught me how to make horseshoes twenty years ago.”

But in addition to an art, blacksmithing is also a science. The aluminum horseshoes manufactured by Muguerza are therapeutic. The aluminiúm horseshoes solve different physical problems that animals may have.

Facets of Íñigo Muguerza

Inigo Muguerza Sainz de la Maza is a man of many facets. For he has become a sculptor, painter and a student of horsemanship and everything related to horses. It also has the ability to unite theory and practice. In his library there are hundreds of volumes about horsemanship and horses, but he does not theorize from the stand on cession to the leg, supports or meeting. Or how it affects the weight and position of the rider in the balance of the horse and its biomechanics. Íñigo does and teaches. In its center, horse-friendly riding is cultivated, correct and harmonious.

Artistic trajectory

Iñigo Muguerza Sculpture
Iñigo Muguerza Sculpture

Iñigo has in his veins that artistic dowry that inherits him from his ancestors in this case of the musician Regino Sainz de la Maza -his grandfather- and the writer Concha Espina -his great-grandmother. However, his potential exerts it with his hands, capturing looks, gestures, expressions, which he hides in the mud and then fuses them in bronze.

  • In 1991, the family of Fernando Martín, basketball player of Real Madrid and the Spanish team, commissioned a sculpture that was placed next to his tomb, in the cemetery of La Almudena, Madrid.
  • In the year 2001, the City Council of Oviedo inaugurated the urban sculpture known as “Caballo”, designed by Muguerza, to decorate the facilities of El Asturcón Municipal Equestrian Center. The facilities were inaugurated in El Molinón in 1999. With the statue, which represents a horse that could be described as “Greco-Latin” for its stylized figure and its brio. It represents a steed with stretched snout, bristly rump and muscular legs.
  • A statue in homage to his grandfather Regino can be visited in the public library of his Mazcuerras, in front of the house where the musician rehearsed every day. Two hands, in bronze, simulate playing on a guitar.
  • His great-grandmother Concha Espina has also given him an instant of eternity. The statue, also in Mazcuerras, represents the writer in her last years. Being blind, writing in the falsillas that she used, next to two doves, the laurel of success and a leaf of cagiga that symbolizes the costumbrismo.

A dedicated poem

Iñigo Muguerza. [Iñigo Murguerza]

Orfebre de alas cabalgar. [Goldsmith riding wings]

Como su hermana princesa. [Like your sister princess ]

Titán del arte febril. [Titan of febrile art ]

Y de la tristeza. [And of sadness ]

No hay roca que nazca en mi. [There is no rock born in me ]

Que a Concha no se parezca. [That Concha does not look like ]

Esculpela por mi, genial Iñigo Muguerza. [Sculpt her for me, great Iñigo Muguerza ]

Ramiro Guzmán

Man of art and trade, of theory and practice, rider and artist … That is Iñigo Muguerza






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